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Bionic rotor technology

Fans that make air quieter

There are two origins of noise emission in fan technology: noise caused by components due to engine, electronics, bearing and vibration of fan itself, and operation noise due to vortex in the airstream. Modern fans cause far more air-related noise than component-related noise.

Bionic rotors dissolve vortex in the airstream

As part of our in-house development and research programme, Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH developed fans that reduce the development of noise in the airstream itself.

The special bionic blade design makes this possible: the loop rotor. This special rotor dissolves vortexes in the airstream as caused by classic rotor blades. This includes the following advantages:

  • Up to 30 percent less noise emission
  • Up to 30 percent less energy use
  • Directed air stream
  • Linearised characteristic curve behaviour
  • More precise control option.

New fan type with advantages for industrial use

Bionic fans are a new generation of fans. To use them means to unite the advantages of the strong volume of axial fans and pressure-optimised diagonal fans.

We developed this technology in cooperation with bionic scientists. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI) funded this development.

The special behaviour of the new fans opens a great spectrum for industrial use, realising clear advantages what volume is concerned in highly efficient cooling or ventilation systems as well developing especially quiet pieces of equipment for use in extremely noise-sensitive areas like studios or laboratories. Where a great amount of fans are used (like in computer centres or server farms), this technology can help to realise energy saving measures.