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Multiframe technology

Fans that are quieter than air

The main cause for acoustic emissions in cooling systems generally originates from the fans used. However, the noise made by the fans only form part of the problem. Classic fans pass on their vibrations to the entire system. This causes resonance effects which by far exceed the acoustic emissions made by the fans.

Fans with almost vibration-free chassis

This is why Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH developed the multiframe technology. The coordination of the components counteracts the cause of vibrations. Then the remaining vibrations are almost completely dissolved in the multipiece chassis.

The advantage: resonance effects are avoided even before they occur. The main features of the fans with this technology are:

  • High-quality bearing and mounting
  • Engines with high smooth operation
  • Weighted support construction
  • Contact-free construction
  • Use of vibration reducing materials
  • Vibration absorbers coordinated with the entire system.

The result of multiframe technology are fans that are so quiet that their own noise is generally quieter than the noise emission by the airstream.

Yet the greatest advantage what the volume of the mulitframe fans is concerned is their actual operation. They reduce the common resonance effects immensely due to their almost vibration-free operation. With regard to the cause of noise emission in an entire system they are far better than classic fans.

Technology- and brand reference

NOISEBLOCKER® Multiframe fans
Brand series for IT users

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