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Innovation for quieter fans and more energy efficiency

What technology is concerned, remaining constant means a step backwards. We at Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH take this into account and created our own research and development programme. We continually prove our innovative strength with our new solutions and techniques. The results are branch leading technologies and modern engineering methods for axial fans and air-based cooling systems.

Leading technology for strong, competitive products

As an industrial client, you directly benefit from our technology programme. It forms the basis for the construction of quieter and simultaneously more efficient fans and cooling systems. It is possible to construct especially energy-efficient systems. Where others can go no further, we find solutions to your tasks that improve your product and provide it with important advantages on the competitive markets.

Basis of our innovative strength: Uniting science, technology and engineering

Our own development programme forms the basis of our extraordinary innovative strength. At the same time, we look for the most recent results of basic research and cooperate with specialised scientists. We incorporate new results from the fields of bionics, acoustics, and fluid mechanics in our development laboratory and test their applicability.

The laboratory is designed for research and development at the limits of audibility. The outcome of this work does not only result in new technologies but also further development of modern engineering methods. The bionic programme from Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH received support from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI) through its science and technology programme. Psychoacoustic sound design still achieves higher goals where others concerned with the required efficiency for cooling of classic noise reduction can go no further.

We offer our patented technologies to our industrial clients via licenses, user-optimized fans, or supply of components (semi-finished parts).