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NB-eLoop® Series

The first high-tech compact fan worldwide with a bionic loop rotor (BionicLoopFan®) comes from Germany.

Note: Model B14-PS is also available in black / Special Edition (model name: B14-PS BlackEdition).

<b>Bionic chassis:</b> hightech frame with aerodynamically optimized air discharge area,
 diagonal structure and four resonance/ <b>interference absorbers (deep sound design). <b>Award winning product:</b> received several awards by specialised press. <b>NB cable management:</b> pluggable connection cable,
 with a 20 and a 50cm cable each with high quality textile sheath,
 connectable to 70 cm. <b>NB EKA P2 Drive:</b>  wide range drive without pulse noise and with low start voltage,
 auto restart function,
 motor protection,
 speed signal line and NB anti dust technology. <b>6-year warranty:</b> 6-year warranty for end user according to our warranty regulations. <b>High quality product developed in Germany:</b> high quality and reliable product,
 developed in Germany,
 monitored production under German supervision. <b>High quality class:</b>: Superior quality compared to standard products. Established and reliable technology with german quality level.  <b>NB Nano SLI 2 Bearing:</b> extremely low-noise,
 position invariant magnetic bearing with nanotechnology lubrication.

Welcome to the future!

  • 100% developed in Germany
  • TÜV-certified sound level specifications = real data
  • extremely low-noise bionic loop rotor
  • bionic deep sound fan frame
  • position-invariant magnetic bearing NB-NanoSLI® 2NEW!
  • silent NB-EKA P2 Drive NEW!
  • Makrolon® rotor with anti-dust technology
  • weighted reinforced fibreglass PBT frame
  • NB cable management with two pluggable connection cables
  • Perfect results for PC casing, CPU cooling systems and radiator( higher cooling power at same revolution ratel)


  • 4 fine thread screws and knurled nuts for tool free assembly
  • 4 NB silicone slics for vibration-free assembly
  • each 2x 20 and 50 cm connection cable with textile sheath


6 years warranty
Warranty Policy


Type Number of revolutions Connection Start/nominal voltage Volume Performance
B14-1 600U/Min 3 Pin 5.0 V / 12.0 V 5.7 dBA 73.6 m³
B14-2 900U/Min 3 Pin 4.5 V / 12.0 V 16.9 dBA 109.2 m³
B14-3 1.400U/Min 3 Pin 4.0 V / 12.0 V 28.7 dBA 178.3 m³
B14-PS* 1.200U/Min 4 Pin (PWM) 5.0 V / 12.0 V 24 dBA 142.6 m³
Bionic Loop Fan




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Data sheet

The product data sheet gives you detailed information about the fan.

NB-eLoop® Series 140mm Data sheet

How can an NB-eLoop fan have a higher cooling capacity compared to a standard fan at the same number of revolutions and volume, , while the max. static pressure is rather lower than higher.

The actual usable power of a fan is not deducible from the result of "maximum static pressure". The result "maximum static pressure" is measured at the point where the counter pressure of the volume flow is reduced to zero.

The actual power is the power stability of the fan, in other words the amount of air that gets transported against mechanical resistance, or "what comes out". Radiators or CPU coolers are good examples: they effectively and dramatically reduce the transported air volume. An NB-eLoop fan is by far more pressure stable than a traditional axial fan, while having the same volume or number of revolutions. The loop rotor of the NB-eLoop also transports more air with mechanical resistance and with that achieves a higher cooling performance.

How can it be that a NB-eLoop is that much quieter than other fans?

To put it simply, every common axial fan causes top of the blade vortexes at the end of the blade, which are responsible for the greatest part of the noise. The NB-eLoop does not have blade ends due to its aerodynamically optimised loop rotor and therefore cannot cause vortexes. The aerodynamically optimised bionic frame increases the pressure stability and reduces the remaining resonance effects. Furthermore, electronics, bearings, and material are well matched.

How can I compare the NB-eLoop to other fans?

The loop rotor is the first to combine the advantages of an axial fan (higher volume flow and less noise) with the main advantage of diagonal fans (higher pressure stability).

The following information can be used to understand this:

The NB-eLoop fan mostly needs only 70-90% of numbers of revolutions compared to the best available low-noise axial fans to produce a comparable cooling capacity and volume. Due to the fact that the NB-eLoop, according to our tests, is already quieter than axial fans, the possible volume reduction can be extremely high.

This suggests, in fact, that a much higher cooling capacity can be achieved at identical volume level.

When I install the fan "sucking" on a CPU cooler or a radiator it gets louder, why?

This is due to aerodynamics, simply increase the distance between fan and cooler to about 5-10 mm, e.g. using a distance frame (normal PC accessoires) and the noise will disappear. We suggest an inflating assembly, which is what the fan is optimised for.

Are the measurements different? The frame looks as if it differs from common fans.

It only seems that way, the NB-eLoop 120 x 120 x 25 mm conforms with the norm and can be installed and used like common fans.