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One of the most popular and best sold Ultra-Silent-Classic-Design fans since 2005. Constantly developed and enhanced.

<b>Award winning product:</b> received several awards by specialised press. <b>3-year-warranty:</b> 3-year warranty for enduser according to our warranty regulations <b>High quality product developed in Germany:</b> high quality and reliable product,
 developed in Germany,
 monitored production under German supervision. <b>High quality class:</b>: Superior quality compared to standard products. Established and reliable technology with german quality level.  <b>NB Nano SLI Bearing:</b> Geräuscharmes Long Life Gleitlager mit Nanotechnologie Schmierung <b>NB EKA P1 Drive:</b> Pulsgeräuscharmer Qualitätsantrieb mit Autorestartfunktion,
 Motorschutz und Tachosignalleitung <b>Original SLICS:</b> 4 silicone decouplers for vibration-free assembly of fans

quiet, reliable and affordable

  • developed in Germany
  • silent NB-NanoSLI® bearing NEW!
  • silent NB-EKA P2 Drive NEW!
  • Makrolon® rotor with anti-dust technology
  • reinforced fibreglass PBT-frame
  • 50 cm cable with high-quality textile sheath
  • NB-slics for vibration-free assembly


  • 4 NB silicone slics for vibration-free assembly


3 years warranty
Warranty Policy


Type Number of revolutions Connection Start/nominal voltage Volume Performance
XE-1 1500rpm 3 Pin 4.0 V / 12.0 V 17 dBA 50.0 m³
XE-2 1800rpm 3 Pin 3.5 V / 12.0 V 21 dBA 65.0 m³


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Data sheet

The product data sheet gives you detailed information about the fan.

NB-BlackSilentFan 92mm Data sheet