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Pro 120mm

The NB-BlackSilentPro Series was developed in close cooperation with the Hardwareluxx Community. Our leading technology and the user wishes made this extraordinary product series possible, in a classic design using high-quality components.

<b>Award winning product:</b> received several awards by specialised press. <b>NB cable management:</b> pluggable connection cable,
 with a 20 and a 50cm cable each with high quality textile sheath,
 connectable to 70 cm. <b>NB EKA P2 Drive:</b>  wide range drive without pulse noise and with low start voltage,
 auto restart function,
 motor protection,
 speed signal line and NB anti dust technology. <b>6-year warranty:</b> 6-year warranty for end user according to our warranty regulations. <b>High quality product developed in Germany:</b> high quality and reliable product,
 developed in Germany,
 monitored production under German supervision.  <b>NB Nano SLI 2 Bearing:</b> extremely low-noise,
 position invariant magnetic bearing with nanotechnology lubrication. <b>Premium Class:</b> Im Vergleich zu Standardprodukten deutlich überlegende Qualität. Moderne Hightech in Kombination mit höchster Produktqualität und Zubehör <b>Silent Frame:</b> Silkonrahmen und Vier Gummitüllen zur schwingungsfreien Montage und als Dichtung für mehr Druckstabilität bei Radiatoren ect.

Quality in classic design

  • developed in Germany
  • position-invariant magnetic bearing NB-NanoSLI® 2NEW!
  • silent NB-EKA P2 Drive NEW!
  • Makrolon® rotor with anti-dust technology
  • weighted reinforced fibreglass PBT frame
  • NB cable management
  • pluggable 20 + 50 cm connecting cables with high-quality textile sheath
  • Screw set for vibration-free assembly and silicone sealing frame


  • 4 fine thread screws and knurled nuts for tool free assembly
  • Silicone screw sleeves and silicone frames for sealing and decoupling
  • each 2x 20 and 50 cm connection cable with textile sheath


6 years warranty
Warranty Policy


Type Number of revolutions Connection Start/nominal voltage Volume Performance
PL-1 900rpm 3 Pin 4.5 V / 12.0 V 12 dBA 68.0 m³
PL-2 1400rpm 3 Pin 4.0 V / 12.0 V 23 dBA 96.0 m³
PL-PS 1500rpm 4 Pin (PWM) 6.0 V / 12.0 V 24 dBA 100.0 m³


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Data sheet

The product data sheet gives you detailed information about the fan.

NB-BlackSilent Pro 120mm Data sheet