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Blacknoise Industrie-Ventilatoren

The first high-end fan worldwide with integrated structure-borne sound attenuators.

Since 2008, the multiframe series sets a milestone in fan construction and serves as an example for an entire generation of fans. The series was developed and patented in Germany. We offer a standard of low-noise fans in the sizes 80 x 80 x 25 mm and 120 x 120 x 25 mm with different performance levels.

Advantages: Multiframe fans prevent the transmission of body-borne sound, e.g. to the PC case as opposed to standard fans. This helps to reduce the operating volume dramatically. New position invariant magnetic bearing and an excellent drive enable an outstanding ratio between volume flow and sound.

The result:
Installed multiframe fans are up to 30% quieter, extremely durable and fail safe once installed.



Reference Class



Blacknoise Industrie-Ventilatoren

Welcome to the future!

The first high-tech compact fan worldwide with a bionic loop rotor (BionicLoopFan®) comes from Germany.

NB-eLoop fans stand out due to the new bionic loop form and are superior to common axial fans in almost all respects. For the first time it was possible to reduce the noises caused by the air stream in the fan dramatically. At the same time, the effectively usable performance was increased and the energy use was reduced.

The newly developed high-tech bearing and engine technology as well as the many features and further developments like dust protected engine and bearing, anti-dust-Macrolon rotor, position invariant magnetic bearing make this the probably most advanced fan in the world.

Extremly low-noise, increased performance while using less energy. Developed in Germany with support from the German Federal ministry of economics.



Premium Class



Blacknoise Industrie-Ventilatoren

Developed for and together with our customers?

The NB-BlackSilentPro-series was developed in close cooperation with the Hardwareluxx Community. Our leading technology and user wishes made the production of this extraordinary series possible. Furthermore, it excels with its high quality components in a classic design.

New position invariant magnetic bearing, the excellent NB-EKA-Plus-II drive with very low start voltage, a cable management system with pluggable cables and vibration-free assembly material with sealing frame make a package that goes unrivalled. Available in the sizes 92/120 and 140 mm, with different performance levels.

The result:
NB-BlackSilentPro fans stand for top quality fans in a classic design, with a versatile use they are also especially quiet and reliable.



Premium Class



Blacknoise Industrie-Ventilatoren

Quiet, reliable and affordable.

Since 2005 this has been one of our best-selling fans and one of the favourites in the range of the ultra-silent classic design fans.

The BlackSilentFan series is the perfect choice for customers looking for an affordable yet high-quality fan. High-quality components in combination with an intelligent setup result in a unique value for money ratio. The NB-BlackSilentFan-series achieves better results in almost all respects in comparison to standard fans.

Very quiet and reliable in comparison to standard fans, trendy design and remarkable workmanship. Developed in Germany.



High Quality Class