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Individual services available

Engineering services specified

Our development laboratory is equipped with engineering technology that is state of the art and high quality. We also offer all steps in our development process as separate services.


Possible methods:

PolyJet-technology ? photo polymeric, hard and permanently elastic materials possible, sizes up to 350 x 350 x 200 mm

CAD data transfer: format STL, 24h-express service on request

Volume flow monitoring:
fans and air carrying

Inspection of standard and characteristic curve determination of all standard DIN-norms:

Volume flow, static pressure, pressure behaviour, energy efficiency, behaviour of numbers of revolutions, volume of air transportation, etc.



Low-dB-measuring chamber < 10 dB(A), preparation to nil dB possible, test specimen up to 80 x 80 x 140 mm

Sound emission analyses:

  • Acoustic pressure: dB
  • Psychoacoustics: Sone according to Zwicker, phone, frequency spectrum analysis
  • Optical analysis of source of noise: acoustic camera recordings (with cooperating partners))

3D rendering
and animation

Interactive 3D renderings, photo-realistic picture presentation

Product animations and films from 3D data sets, presentation in virtual environment, acceptance of all common CAD formats



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