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Psychoacoustic sound design

Modern acoustic engineering at the limit

Noise emission is one of the most important criteria when developing electronic products and technical airflow installations. Noise due to cooling is especially important in noise sensitive areas. This can be in the living space as well as in studios or laboratories.

Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH offers especially quiet solutions for fans and cooling solutions with its own technologies. Classic methods to reduce noise after acoustic pressure are often limited if faced with the especially high demands of air transport and cooling efficiency. These limits can be extended with a psychoacoustic sound design.

This engineering method has not been used with fans for long and when noise is optimised, it takes into consideration that the human ear perceives special sections of the acoustic frequency spectrum as more pleasant or much quieter. The basis forms an acoustic frequency spectrum analysis and the Sone assessment according to Zwicker.

This method is aimed at moving the vibration behaviour of single components into a more favourable frequency area, in cases where the components cannot be eliminated. Most of all, this is done through material and design of the air transporting components. The development laboratory at Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH is designed to carry out analyses of the frequency spectrum at the limits of audibility. During the development of our own brand products, we were able to go to new lengths what the methods of psychoacoustic sound designs especially for fans are concerned.