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Blacknoise modular fan construction system

The easy way: individual fans for industrial clients

The demands for industrial fans vary greatly and there are diverse fields of use. Therefore, a fan that is constructed especially for its field of use will always be better than a prefabricated standard fan. Yet, it is not always worthwile to develop your own fan.

For our industrial clients, we at Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH developed a special modular fan construction system. With our quick component manufacture we are able to offer a wide range of individualised fans with matching components for a variety of uses.

Diverse options for adaptation

The advantage: with our modular construction system, the components are not only assembled with regard to their format and performance. What's more, the fans are optimised in their entirety. This is why we can develop fans for very special demands. Due to our modular construction system and the existing components, we are able to even realise individual mini-series at a surprisingly good price.


Individuality: possibilities in the adaptation of the modular construction system

Format Size Construction depth Fitting
Performance Pressure Volume Number of revolutions
Protection Dust Water Harmful substances
Reliability Working Wear limit Restart function
Operation Voltage Adjustability Energy use
Volume Acoustic pressure Frequency Resonances
Material Weight Impact strength Vibration behaviour
Price limit

Limitations of possible components

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