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Blacknoise-Development laboratory

Research and application development

Acoustic optimization and new advances from fluid mechanics are continually advancing. Engineering of fan technology often takes place at the limits of audibility. As one of the leading developers of axial fans, Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH uses both processes in its specialised research and development laboratory.

Engineering into the limits of audibility

The laboratory is one of only a few within Germany that is designed for low-noise development of fans and cooling technology. The laboratory's monitoring stations enable us to analyse acoustic and fluid mechanical details. Furthermore, they allow for an extensive psychoacoustic sound design.

Additionally, the laboratory forms the basis of our own development and research programme. Here we cooperate with scientists from different fields and are constantly searching for new technical solutions. We can quickly try out basic research ideas at our prototyping stations for their practical application.

New technologies and solutions

This special practically oriented approach has lead to the development of the fan technology multiframe and fan bionics. Technical solutions first presented by Blacknoise Deutschland now form part of the standard setup in the construction of fans especially in IT systems.

We offer our industrial clients to use the different stations within the laboratory as part of our services.